Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Confession time!! 
I think everyone should have someone they admire or like so much.. I do i do !!
Once, i have someone who i admire so much. Never told to anyone, never story it to anyone. But then, people might notice it because it is obvious that i like that person. 
Since at the young age, when someone get into my attention, that person's appearance or figure really being my concern.. Even at the back, i could recognize them.
For this time, i like that guy.. He just far away to receive my feeling.. And i dont expect him to know that i am exist.. But then, my point is, even at his back i find he was so attractive.. Yep, it was attractive and get my attention.. His back is cool.. Like it so much.. 

Once a love it always being love until it being betrayed..
Same goes to once a friend is always a friend until it being dishonest with each other..

So, i put it as a love to someone that i wont hold into my arm.. That i cheerish from here.. That i know he would not reject the love.. Hehehe

Cr:on pic

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