Monday, August 10, 2015

Random thought

Expactation leads to frustration. When you expect high, your frustration also high. So, i should not expact something that will lead me to frust at the end. It is something that i have assume beforehand. But, as we grow up.. We tend to have our own expactation within people around you.. It kinda hurt when something you expact is not gonna happen. It seems like you have put your hope and trust too much.. But at the end, its nothing.. You can say, im trying this and that.. Everything i do is lead me to my future, i hope.. But then, if it was only me who think about it.. What should i do? Did i need to lead by myself? What am i suppose to do? Ive set this for a long time.. People meet me only for fun, for money, for their self satisfaction which sometimes i do it for myself too.. And it still that.. They are all the same.. Just knowing that none is going to make it happen.. I have to put it awayyy back and never think about it for this time being..its kinda sad.. When you can see all those event from your friends, exroomate, exhousemate.. Even your junior too.. Oh my poor heart.. You must be hurt right?? But, if to think about it make me hurt even more. I prefer to fangirling with those pretty boy rather than been asking about that kind of thing to me or anyone.. Let me fangirl and forget all those hurtfull things..

Cr:on pin

He cheer me with his charm.. 

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