Thursday, August 13, 2015

The passion

Their friendship is no joke!! I wish to have a friend who would care me like him.. His love towards his member are the greatest.. As they been together almost 9 year or maybe more.. The bond are there.. I really amazed by their friendship.

There is a person that i had looked like that. But now, she is no where to be found. We lost contact since everyone have their own life. The most thing i remember, it was a sad day when i heard her mom passed away and im at school.. But i cant comfort her because she wasnt there.. I cried and try to hide the sadness.. As time pass, we are not become close.. May you always be in His guidance.. 

Next person who i had cheered the most is someone who makes me proud of him.. He was ambitious guy, honest and straightforward.. Good in study too !! We had known by hari raya card i think.. Then, the friendship grows.. We become close.. But then, as we part because of our path, we are not close anymore.. How i miss those moment..

It is my friend who i will remember the most and hoping someday we could meet again..

My friend usually come and go.. But those moment with them are remain.. 

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