Wednesday, October 22, 2014


space needed.
maybe because today is holiday.
i had go through all those memories i had.
when i had struggled to finish our research.
time constrain, funding, and everything.
it was thrill and fun at the same time.
really missed the student life.

next, going through your social media.
when you express your feeling without mention.
but i know it was for me.
hahahaha *perasan sangat*
but then, there is no more time for those sweet chunky moment.
because now, we are focusing to built into serious phase.
where we are really need to work hard for better future.

thats it. learn to appreciate little things cause you will miss it a lot someday.

somehow, i really hope one of my friend can get over her 'thing'
i would like to see you happy without thinking about your past anymore.
as that person have make a move and already has a new life, 
you should wake up from waiting for that person.
you deserve to be happy too.