Friday, March 7, 2014

a throwback time

for a past few days, i had scrolled back your page. nice to know that someone have put some effort to make you to be theirs. and we know that it was the best moment to keep. and the most sweet and precious this you ever had for me. i feel grateful and bless because i had met someone like you. there is a time when we fight for nothing. laugh for nothing. and nothing to be done. someone who can make a you smile bright. that was nice right. and even though we also have the moment of fighting, quarrel, and so many thing we do. at the end, forgive and smile is the best solution for everyone. now, its the time for us to think for the future. as we grow up, we have to plan carefully about what we would do in the future. and now, i am thinking and planning for my future everyday.