Friday, November 19, 2010

:: gurls days out ::

i love da entre'
for sure everyone know bout dat rite...

we ( me sis min nisrin sis eika - and also my dear ira )

we go there for 2 days and a nite..
we rent a car..
and guest wut.. 
we get a gen-2..
thanx to that person... ^^

but. there's an incident dat i will not forget..
my fon is missing for a couple of minutes...
oh.. i was scared..
because of wut???
because tu my mom's fon!!!
gilak ar kalau ilang..
maw gnti dgn ape??
but, thanx god.. jumpa jugak akhirnya..

then, we had a dinner..

dinner at restaurant 99 island... why 99 island?? search la kt google.. hahhhaah
 then, we go back and sleep.. because we have a long journey to get thrugh yo!!.. hahaha for da next day, we go to da beach, then da cable car.. after dat, makam mahsuri.. 

at makam mahsuri

next, we go shopping at town.. i bought a lot of choclate!! and also variety products of gamats.. hahahaha
then, we had a photoshoot at dataran lang or eagle square...
hahahahaha.. it was FUN u know!!!


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