Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fakers go aways

I never ask cause it might hurt their feelings, relationship and more. I can feel that they are stay away from me and among my close friends. But then, i tought it was over because it already few years back. I hope us can be friends like truly friends. But it was not worth at all.. Friends that I appreciate was only my close friend and certain team mates. Others are fake. Friends like them is really the things that i dont really need.
Because you have work to earn money doesnt mean im not having struggle to save my money too.. I dont like other people buy for me.. Are you there everytime we buy things, shopping or else?.. Dont just simply judge me as im not have part time job like yours! When somebody talk shxt bout the person you care, you tend to get upset.. So do I.. Just im not good enough to stand there for you.. Sorry..

I think thats why we are being isolated  in that kind of friendship. So I thankfully that i have 2-3 close friends rather than 20-30 fake friends. I hate talk about friend because they are more on taking advantage rather than helping.. Sweet moment of friendship is when you have 2-3 peoples who really really care bout you even we are not always contact each other but we have each others back.

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E'in said...

betul awak.. tak semestinye ade ramai kwn, mereka betul2 kwn kite.. kekadang tak ramai kwn tu lg bagus.. huhu