Thursday, September 17, 2015

Love letter

Tahu lah buat kena ikhlas dari hati. 
Yup. I know that. But still sometimes even you have to pretend, can you just pretend to be the sweet person for me. Lately, i wish to get all those sweet things. Too much drama i think. But to think about it, it wasnt a bad thing. 
Im really a person who love the art of writting. The way you express your feeling through writing. It really makes me  amuse and amaze and fall for that charm of writting. 
But then, not every ur wishes will fulfill. Cause it wasnt for ur needed. It just ur want.
Thats it. 

Let me give you this

The best thing you can give is happiness. Through any possibility ways, you can create ur happiness.. Catch ur dream and never give up. As long as we believe that every single person will find their on way to be happy. 

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