Thursday, August 6, 2015


I just cant express my love to him.. Love doesnt mean you own it.. Love him so i let he be with his life there.. How am i suppose to be.. Always think about that person.. He is my ideal guy.. And for sure i cant have him in my arm.. Each of his reaction or action give brand new days for me.. His careness, frankness, thoughtful bout the others, it really makes me want know him more.. Want to see him in real life tho.. What happen to me.. Love is in the air.. Love love love.. I hope one day i can meet him personally.. He has sparkling eyes.. His vampire teeth, Eyes, lips and nose and moles too are all my fav.. Since when i become a fangirl?? Hahahaha.. But, i love him since the Bride of the Century.. 
Choi kangju.. >> Lee Hongki

Cr:on pic
Cr:on pic

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