Sunday, August 16, 2015

Im sorry for hurting you

I tought that today i might write something.. But in the end of the day, there is nothing to be written. My writing skills need to be polish.. Yet, there is nothing i want to share.. Only 1 thing i think that happen to me is what happen to my past create new me in the future. 
Maybe i have those past that lead me to dont do that, dont do this, you could be hurt if you do it or not do it, you have to be like this or like that.. So, i have become someone who are less passion towards love maybe.. *Just my taught / concern..*

Sometimes i feels sorry to him because i cant love him as much as he does.. I dont know what else can i do for that person.. Well, at least i try to put my love grow.. I think so.. Sorry if you dont see it or feel it.. Well, when you being hurt three times as you give all your love and also  being 'treated' by someone that is the most i dont even want to remember.  "Give and take" the most phrase that i hate. It could be greatful if you dont ask cause it is painful.

As im doing my self analysis.. I dont even know what am i feeling or doing right now. It seems that i should hold onto something or someone.. I dont know what im suppose to do or to be.. What such a blank life.. It was plain color and I dont even know what color it that.. That so me right now. 

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p/s : if you read this, just know that its just a situation makes me feels those kind of feelings.. Nothing more or less.. And being with someone who know me better than myself is what i like the most. "Ingat saya kenal kamu sehari dua ke?" Question that i remember the most..  Its my pleasure to have you in mylife..

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