Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fangirling time

This time I would like to say that He really a good and kind person. As toughtful to other members. As caring to his maknaes. I hope to know him better one day. He got really good attitude to be follow.. He have a spirit to catch his dream even if he have to take the hard way. In order to achive his dream, he have to workhard. 
Personally, I really impressed with a person who always have their own target / dream for their life. Not only dream, but he/she have workhard to achive it. Because, it was really few people who are too determine to achive their dream. Nowadays, people tend to fix their situation with the current environment. It call flexibility. It was good, but then for the person who have plan for their life is really jjang !!
For so long I havent update this blog.. Those skills are fade away.. Will improve it later. 

Have a good day !

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