Monday, December 24, 2012

the end of 2012

hyep! lama tak berblog di sini.. yup, quite busy this semester.. lots of thing happen.. have to get through as it is my journey.. perhaps, sape yang membaca bole mendoakan kejayaan saya.. :)
btw, i am happy with my life now.. as fas as i know, there is a person who cares bout me.. :)
and this person's effort on something, really open my heart.. effort dalam membuat sesuatu tu lebih penting dari hasil nya.. selalu saya bgtahu yang tu.. hehehe..
and yup, this semester teach me a lot.. to be tough, to be strong, and more..
so, babai 2012 even awal lagi nak babai.. and hope the best from 2013.. and really hope the best from it.. :)