Saturday, August 18, 2012

miss the old day of us

when im thinking of you, the first thing i remember when you give me the strength to finish my report.. it always be the first thing i remember.. when i want to surrender doing my report, kamu kate 'stop text, focus dulu kat report, dan you'll be there bila da siap ' it was simple but it makes me finish my report.. so, i do care bout you.. even you know when i am with someone, but wont care at all.. because we taking care of each other.. when i have problems, i usually tend to tell to you.. even awak pun tatahu what you should do.. but then, when you lend your ears, tu pun da cukup.. lagi lagi when im visiting you.. selalu ta cukup masa kann.. time flies.. byk sgt benda nak borak, tapi tade masa.. so, akan simpan tonnes of stories, until one day, kita stori mori.. and you always be my special friend.. tenkiu !
p/s : oh, i always remember my birthday cake.. hehe.. waiting for that, and our holiday yg tatahu dah kemana.. hehehe.. still ke pangkor??

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