Tuesday, August 7, 2012

dont lie to your heart

i just want to be relax from all this things.. the LOVE's things.. i just want to be natural back.. i just want to stop talk a bout that things for now.. it doesnt mean i am not have those feelings.. sometimes it becomes a nightmare.. walaupun it should be the sweetdreams.. urgh! i dont like to be at this phase where everything goes wrong.. serabut serabut, so i have to stop all those feelings for a moment.. seriously i think i was like a robot.. pause, stop, play.. and i keep hurting people who cares about me.. and i am very sory sbb sometimes   i has seeing him inside you... i was still thinking of him even i have try hard to not to thinking.. so, it was unfair for you right.. so im really really sorry for that.. i just want you to be you that i known.. >.<

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