Friday, August 24, 2012

conversation never ends

when we had the moment of truth last nite, it was amazed me.. when someone had a lot of things care or know about me.. the conversation becomes deeper and deeper , until im flying to lala land.. but last nite, i have discover 2 types of human personalities.. which one i can count on you, and another one i only can have  fun with.. they way how they interact with others, the ideas of life, a lot of things, make me see clearly there lot of people i havent discover yet.. HAHAHA.. ingat ni discovery channel ke? but then, to plan the future, i dont want to make and to choose  a way that may destroy my life.. lots of thing i want to achieve, lots of things i want to show, so dont mess with me with anda punya benda yang mengarut2, peace !

i dont have the reason to hold you, but i want you to stay.. :)

oh, thank you for the moment of truth, but honestly, i am not really remember what we had talked last nite.. haiss.. penyakit ni makin terok ni.. HEHEHE.. 

*whatever it takes, dont give up for your better life*