Sunday, July 15, 2012

first day holiday

dan akhirnya, setelah bertungkus lumus saya memcahkan otak mengeluarkan idea, now it is time for rest my sweet little brain.. it have word so hard.. so i will give a rest for my brain.. baru balik, da mintak macam macam.. naseb baek parent ta kate ape.. hehe.. so i got my wardrobe tuk letak my collection.. wuuu.. impian to have mini library akan tercapai ta lama lagii... woot woot!! btw, suddenly, i have read ur status... yup, i know you talk about me.. yup, my fault.. but then, i dun want to put a blame on anyone else.. we both know wut exactly happen.. juz, you dun have to know the exactly why i do all this.. thanks for ur scarifies to me.. thanks for the memories.. oh, thanks for every single 'dumb' thing that u did for me.. i appreciate dat.. :) end of the stories, open the new one.. i have read ur new entri.. tenkiu.. sangat sweet kamu.. and u makes my holidays like a fairytale.. thanks kamu.. just hoping for the interesting and fun ending... waiting for the next entry from you.. take care !!

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