Thursday, June 28, 2012

my exam your exam our exam

now, the new stage, the new phase.. EXAM TIME !! so, let's have a good relation between everyone, so that the exam mood will not swing yeah.. HAHAHA!! btw, saya bukan lah orang yang tak sedar untung by letting you go when having new friends here. you are testing me so much. you are breaking all the promises each time, and you are the one who always make me to give the hardest decisions. and even you have change, and you said it ll the time, you gain no more trust from me. thanks to the people who said that. just because she doesnt know evrything, she can judge anything. so, nice to judge people gurl :) END HERE THE TOPIC. NOW, let's change the gear to max!! let's the journey begin.. let's the smile appear.. let's your have fun with exam !! muHAHAHA

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