Wednesday, May 23, 2012

move forward

as i get through my day with dark cloud, now i can feel the heat from the sun. even it was far from me, but i can feel it. but i can't touch it, i can't make the sun is mine. as i can feel your hate is more bigger now. yup, the truth, i can feel that you hated me that much as you have love me once before. those feeling was to great to me to feel it.. your hate, your love. and i just hope that you have find your happiness, as you want to remove me from your life. yup, i know my mistakes, making people suffered with my silent. my silent is my weapon to get revenge of people. but stil, you should take note that, hello sir, watch out your language. i never called you with improper word. and hello, i dun want ur things, ur money at all. u dun have to worried if u think i will use it. and now, we are done. done for everything. i hope i can let you go peaceful as i want to live my ife peace.

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